Membership can only be attained by invitation

What does the FKC MeMbership Contain?

  • Access to all FKC main events
  • Significant launch special & early bird discounts for all events
  • Access to all of the FKC activities between the main events
  • Access to our full participant list
  • Support from FKC staff for special needs (request for funding, looking for CEO, need for a speaker slot at an event, etc.)
  • Preferred access to the network of all FKC partners
  • Substacial member discounts on BEST Kiteboarding gear (25%) and the WOO tracker (30%)
  • Optimized access to a strong network of founders, entrepreneurs & investors, all connected through their true passion for kiteboarding


Options of participation

  1. In order to find out if there is a fit with the FKC, the first two events can be attended for a lower introduction fee.
  2. After two events you can participate paying the regular visitors price.
  3. You are invited to become a member or are recommended by three active FKC members to become a member.

What does it cost?


  • Company founded not more than 3 years ago
  • or < 30 employees
  • or less than 1 Mio. in revenue

357 €

(per person/year)

SME- Entrepreneur

  • Company does not match the startup criteria aside
  • and < 150 employees
  • or less than 10 Mio. in revenue

714 €

(per person/year)

Seasoned Entrepreneur or Investor

  • Company does not match the startup & SME criteria aside
  • and > 150 employees
  • or more than 10 Mio. in revenue
  • or Entrepreneur with a major exit
  • or Financial Investor

1,071 €

(per person/year)

Entrepreneurial Partner

  • Entrepreneurial personality
  • Vital for entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Examples: Partner/C-Level of Law Firm, a Corporate Finance Boutique

1,071 €

(per person/year)

all our prices listed are inclusive of VAT

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